Review: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0


After much dilly-dallying, here is the review of Nendoroid No.300! It’s kinda crazy to think back and see that 299 of these little babies have been born but hey at least they are getting cuter =3 GSC decided to mark this momentous occassion by re-making YET another Miku and this one is based off the Project Mirai DS game which is uber cute!!!

_1330283 _1330285

And since it’s 300, the packaging changed as well! I’m pretty ambivalent about this new direction..on one hand it looks pretty eye-catching but on the looks really kiddy..aww

_1330287 _1330288

What is so cool about this release is the cardboard backdrop in the box can be used to re-create her room from the game! Check out the Project Mirai link above to see what I’m talking about =3

_1330291 _1330294

If you’ve seen and handled the previous Miku..this is an obvious and remarked improvement. Other than the sculpt, her shirt is now silver instead of grey and everything’s crisper. However what impressed me the most were those pigtails..I don’t really know what GSC did here..maybe position them differently but they don’t get in the way anymore and if anything, feels really co-operative.


Check out the constant evolution of our favourite teal-haired diva!

_1330296 _1330298

And because her hair is so big, she actually balances on em =3

_1330302 _1330304

I really am digging those pig’s soooo fun to play with them now!


Another major change is the way face-plates connect. Instead of removing the entire just pull off the face’s pretty similar to the Figma or S.H.Figuarts stuff. Don’t worry though, old stuff are still compatible with this new system =3


And to make the package even better, GSC threw in a ton of accessories! This is one promising release here…


For the fold-out cardboard can even support Miku sitting!


And the sitting pose is pretty much a Pettanko Miku here..=3


The bent pig tails are meant to accomodate that sitting pose but if you use it on a standing Miku, you get the whole dynamic vibe going on~


Not to mention how much she looks like a Kuwaga if you turn the hair up =3


The 3rd expression is my favourite outta the bunch though. Previous Nendoroids spotted this before but what sold it for me was how accurately it reflected the Project Mirai feel!


Love that you get 2 leeks as well!

_1330329 _1330331

You even get a keyboard and a guitar for even more options. You can probably toss this over to Rin and Len and have them form a band proper =3


Guitar heroines?


Not to mention the amount of fun you can have with the fold-out room.



This No.300 really lived up to the hype here. GSC really went the extra mile for this release with the amount of accessories, worksmanship and even the cardboard room. It just shows how much GSC can really do if they put their mind to it here..which isn’t that often =3 Anyhoos I’m really impressed with Miku 2.0, not only is she super fun and adorable, I had plenty of fun messing around with her. It’s hard to find a Nendoroid equal part fun and playable and I gotta say, Miku rocked this offa the stage. This is the perfect release for newbies getting into the scene, older collectors who want to see how much this line progressed or Miku-nuts..essentially EVERYONE! Get this folks! Like JUST GET IT NOW!


When is my 2.0 – Rin

When I get my 3.0! – Miku


15 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0

  1. Great review of Miku 2.0. She is my 2nd Miku nendoroid in my collection and I had fun playing with her. I haven’t taken out the other accessories though. 😀 I am preserving that special moment soon. Haha.

  2. Gah~ The amount saccharine-sweetness is overwhelming, her expressions…
    BRB, medication…

    Also, the new way of changing the face is GOD-SENT! Finally! A more saner method!

  3. the new miku looks really nice,it looks like a very good improvement since the other few mikus look like recolors….but for a 300th release,cant gsc put her on super-movable joints like snow miku? ahh well,I guess we’ll have to wait for miku 3.0 xD

  4. Cuteness galore. I am so gonna get this one. Definitely a must have!

    I also plan to get the 1/8 Mikudayo and the Mikudayo Nendoroid and Petit.

  5. I just received my Miku 2.0! Got tempted by your great review on her. She’s so adorable! As she’s my first nendoroid, I had some difficulties in fixing her up. But nevertheless, she’s totally fun to play with! 😀


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