Review: Nendoroid Miku Dayo


If ever a Nendoroid was meant to be a practical joke..Miku Dayo is it..It’s a remake of a costumed Miku from the DS Miku game and when you have too many Mikus in a broth, the results can be rather mystifying. Here I present to you..ミク..だよ!

_1330278 _1330281

Miku Dayo..comes in a slimmer box compared to your usual Nendoroids..kinda like those gimmick Nendos of the she isn’t gimmicky now =3
_1330363 _1330365

Outta the box you can see she’s pretty puffy from munching down too many chips and parfaits and it really shows. Well even a Vocaloid has their cravings too you know!

_1330367 _1330369

Her twintails are flat and it really helps in display real estate =3


To make it worth your money, Miku..Dayo comes with poseable arms! It can swing all over the place and thwack you on your nose while you’re messing around with it.


Not to mention the funky metallic sheen she sports~


Of course you can switch Miku..Dayo around but why would you..she IS Miku..Dayo after all XD


You get additonal pigtails and the only difference from the ones attached is the material. One is made outta harder plastic. And also a lollipop!


Once that is all said and done..Miku…Dayo is only made for one thing. And that is wanton destruction. So let’s get to it and let her stomp some houses!


Or emerge from a building like a good Kaijuu should =3

_1330384 _1330387

However Miku…Dayo is kind at heart and loves offering others her lollipop. However due to her intimidating stature and blank smile, poor Miku..Dayo can’t find any friends.. =O


But wait..Mikus are everywhere nowadays and Append Miku finds it in her virtual heart to give the rampaging mascot a chance! A beautiful friendship thus blossoms in the most unlikely pair.


I really don’t know what to say for this. It’s all good fun but is it worth spending money on..? I got this cause I wanted it for kicks and after all is said and done, yeah I felt the kick. But for neutral parties..I’m totally on the fence. She rocks the Vocaloid theme so Miku fans might dig it but the lack of accessories and bizarre backstory makes everything confusing. So maybe in that confusion..somebody might just hit the ‘buy’ button?


She IS a pretty adorable Kaijuu…







10 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Miku Dayo

      • ;o Finally! Been waiting for some new reviews~ Also, thanks for introducing China Square Central! Been heading there a lot in the past few weeks! Also managed to secure the Hatsune Miku Love is War DX Ver. scale figure and the figma Miku Live Stage Ver. because I got to know the place! ;D(too bad there’s two thin streaks on the front of one of her twin tail not painted though ;< ) But, all in all, its a true work of art, Love is War being one of my favourite Miku songs~

      • Hahah wow the DX version…it’s really huge and crazy impressive. Sad to hear about the twin tails though..but the presence more than makes up for it! =3


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