Outdoor Photography: Nendoroid Shameimaru Aya at Chinese Garden

_1330918 (2)

Despite her busy schedule, high flyin’ reporter Aya has decided to give  赤信号 an exclusive scoop on her working practices and how she made it to the top! More after the break.


Hi Aya-chan, 赤信号 is pleased to have you here today with us. Please share with everyone how is it that you made it to the top not just in Gensokyo, but across the internet and anime worlds.

“Thanks for having me as well, however time is short so I’m afraid I gotta go full-throttle here..First of all, you gotta be blatant in getting scoops. Get up in people’s faces if you must, news is news. Nothing personal about it! Sometimes the juiciest gossip is right there in front of you!”


“Of course not everything can be solved explicitly. In times like that, a little sneaky crow action is needed. Know when to go hard or soft, that is my winning mantra.”


“Also, don’t let previous preconceptions colour your news-gathering. I heard all kinds of bad things about Monokuma-san but when I interviewed him, he was nothing but a gentlebear. Plus he gave me full media access into Hope Peak Academy! That is a ratings rocket in Gensokyo!”


“If others demand that you erase your information, or withhold it because it hurts their public relations, by all means feel free to erase them instead. As a professional reporter, one never backs down from challenges. Journalistic integrity if you will”


“Last but not least, one must be able to brave the elements and ALWAYS charge your camera. You never know when a good shot is lurking about the corner! Alright that’s all the time I have for now so I’m gonna fly, hope that helps out any aspiring reporters!”


Well she’s gone now…At least we got like a few minutes with her I suppose? Anyways as part of the exclusive deal with 赤信号, Aya-chan threw in some photos she took of fellow Gensokyo residents back home.

_1330950 _1330933 _1330965

All righty, I’m gonna sign off here! Hope you guys had fun meeting Aya-chan like I did!





6 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Nendoroid Shameimaru Aya at Chinese Garden

  1. Glad to see you getting active again on your blog ^___^
    I suppose these are your new nendoroids in your collection. I’d like to see your otaku room! haha XD you probably have a lot of nendoroids now!

    • Ahaha my room hasn’t changed much I suppose. Maybe I will do a blog post about it someday?

      Ahaha and my Nendoroid amount goes up and down..cause sometimes I really have no space so I gotta let some go =(


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