Review: Nendoroid Kato Mariko


Mariko over here is from the series Bodacious Space Pirates (モーレツ宇宙海賊(パイレーツ) which had it’s anime run awhile back. An innocent student suddenly asked to be Captain of a Pirate vessel..aaahahaha good ole’ anime there!

_1310066 _1310069

Marika comes with a chestful of accessories befitting her piratical nature and this really opens up all kinda poses with her!


She also comes with an amazing amount of packaging =3

_1310075 _1310080

Right outta the box you can see the nice details all round and the use of a magnet stand!

_1310082 _1310084

No worries about the hat there. Even though it’s massive, it sits well on her head and doesn’t move about too much.


I really dig all the gold trims but under that you can still see her school skirt! Plus check out all those frills on her shoulders and cuffs =3


A pirate captain gotta have their cool lookin’ emblem and Mariko’s one is pretty spiffy. The white plume of feathers is removable and the red beads hanging down can be rotated.


I kinda dig having the emblems on her sleeves as well.


When you put it all together, the large amount of accessories begin to make much more sense. And the magnet stand was chosen because she sports a cape! The typical Nendo plug in the back ones would never work.

_1310094 _1310096

With the cape on, Mariko looks way more regal! And in the event you get tired of the hat, there’s an ahoge piece which you plug into her head to complete her look!

_1310100 _1310102

The Matator pose is prolly my fave outta the bunch of accessories. That just oozes some Nendo confidence =3


You can do it without the extended cape too..looks like Mariko is aping the cover of Saturday Night Fever!

_1310105 _1310107

For the cutlass, Mariko comes with a sheathed and drawn one. You CAN’T poke the unsheathed one back into it’s holder..I tried and failed =(


Dashing forward to slice some ears off~

_1310114 _1310116

She also comes with a gun that allows for some bang-bang action! Only grumble I have with this is that both are you can’t go for double weapon wielding action =/

The biggest issue I ran into while messing around with Mariko is how HEAVY the hat is. Because of the weight, you can’t pose her soaring into the sky with the magnet stand..the magnet just isn’t strong drops her if the angle isn’t right. But without the hat..all is fine!

_1310118 _1310121

For a series that I barely watched, the Nendoroid turned out to be way more fun that I ever expected. With a massive slew of accessories to accompany a really well-made Nendoroid PLUS a lower price-tag, this really showcases the potentail of Nendoroids being cute, affordable and highly-playable. For neutrals it’s a really good purchase and for those who watched and liked the series, it’s a no-brainer.



16 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kato Mariko

  1. And yet another salvation from GSC in the form of Magnet Stands… they should incorporate more magnet stands than the usual pegs T^T

  2. I haven’t watched the anime but I like how its badass looking pose with the cape and all. It’d be fun to take outdoor photos, in the sea perhaps and a great combo with One Piece boat. 😀

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