Wonfes 2014 – Summer (The dreaded killer of wallets)

Here it comes again..the deadly tsunami that is Wonfes. I know this blog has been dead for awhile due to work and stuff but this time, the stuff offered by GSC is just too poisonous for me not to blog about it. Thanks to Nekomagic and Nendonesia, we can all roll about and cry in joy as our finances get ripped to shreds. No holidays and food…? No biggie, I just need my Nendos =3  Due to the dazzling amount of merchandise being announced, I’m just gonna zoom in to my weakness, NENDOROIDS!! And boy oh boy does GSC have some treats

If you dig Fate Stay Night, both Archer and Rider are slated to be released but hey, guess what, here comes some Star Wars goodies! That shows how much further GSC would like to expand down the Disney line..from Marvel to now Lucasarts =3

Nendoroid Darth Vader

Nendoroid Storm Trooper

So with this we can actually wait for a Nendo Boba Fett? Or even Nendoroid Chewy?! The possibilities are endless~

And not content to just hit whatever Disney is offering…here comes the Dark Knight as well. Imagine a full Nendoroidized Justice League!!  =O

Nendoroid Batman

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Zenbonsakura version

And YES! I’ve been waiting so long for this! Hahaha, Miku is so adorable in that costume.

But what really killed me was the slew of Kancolle Nendoroids. They sure started slow with Shimakaze and Akagi..then slowly moving on till the double whammy Torp sisters. Now with 6 showcased at Wonfes?! SIX! Okay I definitely need more shelf-space…

Nendoroid Hiei

Nendoroid Amatsukaze

And it’s nice to see Eva getting some love as well..right now it’s just their race-girl costumes but a proper Asuka shouldn’t be that far off right? RIGHT?

Nendoroid Asuka Langley: Evangelion Racing Girl version

Lookie at Honoka from Love Live..Nico was just recently out for pre-orders and this made me consider should I have all 9 of them..it’s kinda insane though =/

Nendoroid Kousaka Honoka

BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE CHERRY ATOP THIS CRAZILY EXPENSIVE CAKE? IT IS THE FACT THERE IS A NENDOROID ELSA! ELSA!! FROM FROZEN!! *ok rant over* I’m just so stoked that Elsa is getting a Nendoroid..so it means Anna will be next and maybe ALL the Disney Princesses? I’m just wow..wow thanks GSC!

Nendoroid Elsa

There is like way more stuff announced but hey, those were the stuff I’m gonna get ahaha. Anything caught your fancy this Wonfes folks?


9 thoughts on “Wonfes 2014 – Summer (The dreaded killer of wallets)

  1. Wonfes, eh? I’m actually waiting for figma here such Solid Snake, Gurlukovich soldier, Miki Hoshii (Idolm@ster), & Oshino Shinobu (Nisemonogatari).

      • Yes, gotta admit they are.. My main priority would be Snake actually, the others can wait. Also, I’m completely broke this year because Bandai kept releasing more BLACK series of SHF.

        Great!! Nendoroid Elsa, & what’s on the next year? We’ll get to see Nendoroid Kristoff/Anna/Hans or maybe even Figma Elsa?

  2. Haha, tell me about it. I’ve been able to resist buying Nendos, but I’m a sucker for figmas and Scale Figures of Miku. I started collecting in December of 2013, and now I already have 7 Scale Figures and 4 figmas of Miku, with the Sakura Miku Scale figure on preorder as well as the Snow Miku figma which I’m going to collect real soon at Funan (literally running out of display space!) ;v
    And now they have to release the Tell Your World and V3 Hatsune Miku Scale Figure :v

      • Just collected the Snow Miku figma, sadly it had quite a lot of paint flaws… I checked it while it was still in the packaging but wasn’t able to spot the flaws :<
        Guess I'm kinda unlucky when it comes to figures so far ;/


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