Outdoor Photography: Punggol Waterway


You gotta love sunny days for outdoor photography. The colours are real vibrant and sunlight has a way of just making it pop. Bring loads of water though..I almost die from dehydration halfway through…too much walking and heat =3

_1340825 _1340832 _1340840 _1340880 _1340889 _1340894 _1340915 _1340923 _1340925 _1340931_1340937DAI SETSUDAN!

I brought both Taichi and Yamato for the shoot as well..but they didnt feel that photogenic so after a few shots..they went back into the bag =/ On a positive note, their reviews are coming up soon!

_1340750 _1340767

Well been some time since I did this and despite the heat, it was really fun! =3


3 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Punggol Waterway

  1. Hi, your pictures sparked a lot of things. On a recent trip to osaka, I helped a friend bought many Kamen rider figures. But the next trip to Akiba, I have no idea where best to look and get my own. Would you have a good idea? There were some hobby shops, but with less than 10 figures each 😦

    • Hmm..what kinda of Kamen Rider figures are you looking for? Small fixed pose ones? Or S.H.Figuarts or even Medicom R.A.Hs? Akiba is a treasure trove..gotta walk up and down the stairs for some goodies. Mandarake is always a good place to hunt, Radio Kaikan too..but the prices might be a little high. Most of all, hit those little stores!


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