News: Nendoroid Chariooootttt…and she’s gonna run you over with macarons..

As expected, Chariot is pretty big and looks really kick-ass! Mikatan really tried to sell this product and if you’re interested in the review, here’s the link. I’m not gonna repeat what Mikatan said but instead gonna focus on something else..her price!

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Review: Nendoroid Strength

I can finally conclude reviews of the BRS projects with Nendoroid Strength. In case you’re wondering what happened to Figma Strength..well I’m not reviewing her. The moment I got her out of the box, parts were falling off left and right and seriously I’m just gonna skip her and go straight to the Nendoroid here is Nendo Strength!

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Review: Figma Dead Master

BRS is done so let’s move on to my favourite in this franchise, the alluring Dead Master! In the OVA she was seen clashing with BRS various times and now in the anime, she sports rocking new glasses and a slightly altered costume! (Yay?) This Figma was based off the OVA so let’s dive straight into the review!

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Review: Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

With the review of BRS Figma up a few days back, it’s now time for the Nendoroid to shine! In case you didn’t know, BRS has a currently airing anime and also tons of figurines, figmas, curry rice.etc This is the first Nendo (and only) full-sized Nendoroid of BRS currently so let’s dive in and see what she offers~ Continue reading