Outdoor Photography: Punggol Waterway


You gotta love sunny days for outdoor photography. The colours are real vibrant and sunlight has a way of just making it pop. Bring loads of water though..I almost die from dehydration halfway through…too much walking and heat =3

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Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider X


With the warrior of the deep, Kamen Rider X joining the fore, the legendary 7 riders have all but assembled in all their S.H.Figuarts glory! This marks a milestone in my Showa Riders collection so let’s crack this hero outta his prison and check out how awesome he is! Set-up, Set-up, SET-UP!

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Review: Kamen Rider Ichigo (Sakurajima Version)


Sakurajima Ichigo is yet another spin-off the awesome Shin Ichigo mould with some minor differences..Story-wise, Sakurajima Ichigo is the suit that Ichigo donned when he returned during the original series to help out Nigo and due to it’s colour scheme, is my favourite Ichigo look. =3

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Outdoor Photography: Akibarangers in Marina Bay Sands (The Shoppes)

I bought the Akibarangers out for a photoshoot together with my great buddy John Inu and we originally wanted to snap some shots of the Art-Science museum..but the heavens had a better idea and decided to pour. So we packed our stuff up and went into Marina Bay Sands for some indoor shots! The lighting was kinda bad due to the dark clouds but as things went on, it got pretty fun. =3


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