News: Wonfes Summer (July 29 2012)

Sorry for the lack of updates on my end..been really busy with school, exam and work so just here to do a quick post about upcoming goodies. Every Wonfes, my wallet cringes in pain as I look through pictures of delicious stuff which I want and probably not be able to get but hey…one can always hope right? I get my info from Nekomagic and since GSC’s part isn’t up yet..let’s take a look at my 2nd favourite figure company, Alter!

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News: GSC re-releases fans votes!!

It’s so cool that GSC is really following on the poll’s results and re-releasing all the items that got really high votes! Following on from the Touhou Nendoroids, Reimu Figma and now these 2! So if you voted that time, you should be pleased that GSC is really listening to your opinions! Game/Won-fes exclusive items probably won’t get re-released but for regular stuff, keep your eyes peeled! I’m gonna wait for Miyafuji…=3


Images linked from GSC.

Thoughts: About Good Smile Company (GSC)

I’ve been getting GSC’s stuff for some time already, and as evidenced from my growing collection..probably deposited my life savings into their coffers. =3 So why this post abput GSC? Well remember pretty pretty Millifi here? Well didn’t I lose her ahoge (hair piece)? So why does she have that poking outta her head..? Read on.. =3

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