Outdoor Photography: Punggol Waterway


You gotta love sunny days for outdoor photography. The colours are real vibrant and sunlight has a way of just making it pop. Bring loads of water though..I almost die from dehydration halfway through…too much walking and heat =3

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Outdoor Photography: Nendoroid Shameimaru Aya at Chinese Garden

_1330918 (2)

Despite her busy schedule, high flyin’ reporter Aya has decided to give  赤信号 an exclusive scoop on her working practices and how she made it to the top! More after the break. Continue reading

Outdoor Photography: Marina Bay Sands and Belated New Year Greetings!


2013 passed rather quickly for me and for this blog..even faster. I’ve barely updated these past few months and it’s heartening to see readers dropping by despite my lack of new content. Still I gotta get haul my ass through and clear the enormous backlog of stuff that’s sitting around awaiting their review. Anyhoos a Happy New Year to all and with the Lunar New Year right around the corner, it’s gonna be pretty festive on my side. Enjoy the Deka gals while you’re here and I’m gonna go knock a review out =3
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Outdoor Photography: Red Hawk and Black Condor



I just finished Jetman and can pretty understand why it’s one of the most awesome Sentai series..other than that, I really liked the costumes and how simple yet memorable they are. Of course with the S.H.Figuarts of Red Hawk and Black Condor making an appearance, I grabbed them before you can say ‘Cross Changer’  and brought them out for some outdoor shoots =3

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