Thoughts: I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD (well not really..)


The reason why I didn’t blog at all these few months was because of an increasing workload and also another trip to Japan! I attended the Cool Japan Summer Program by Meiji University and learnt a ton of things and made so many new friends at the same time! Continue reading

Thoughts: With delayed releases comes a lack of updates =3

nendo spring clean

It’s been some time since I posted and that’s due to the fact that I have nothing new to review..(with the exception of some SHFs) with all my pre-orders being delayed and stuff..=3 Ah well just take it as a break and since the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up..take it as an excuse to haul all my Nendoroid boxes out, and do some spring cleaning!

On a side note..these relatively non-toy days have gotten me rather bored so I went back to reading voraciously and listening to classic rock and anime soundtracks. This has really re-kindled my love for books and with the new anime season starting now, there will be lots of fun things to occupy myself with ! Not to mention my school started as well…=3

So when toys are not running about in your lives (I imagine all my Nendoroids breaking free of their shelves and go tumbling about with their big heads..=3) what do you guys do to pass the time?


Thoughts: End of the world…? Not quite there yet =3

just kidding!

The foretold date has come and gone again..and still the world still spins. Personally I’m glad that I get the chance to live slightly longer as it means a higher chance of attaining my dreams and of course, collecting my lovely pre-orders! There’s a whole lot of stuff coming in 2013 which has got me really excited and it’s a great thing that the world didn’t implode today, so waddya guys think?


Despair..or Jubilation?


Thoughts: Shopping in China Square Central


I had plenty of enquiries about where I purchase my stuff and where in Singapore is a good place to loot etc. Well I decided to put that all to rest and introduce you guys to China Square Central! Located conveniently within walking distance form Chinatown Mrt, it’s where toy-lovers hang out every Sunday! Continue reading

Thoughts: Jormungand (Anime)

I just wanted to share my thoughts on which anime really captivated me this season. There were so many major shows running about this season, Accel World, Fate Zero, Hyouka and evne Toku such as Akibarangers. However, Jormungand was top tier from start to finish and became the first thing I was looking forward every week. (This does not mean I will be doing anime reviews, it’s just more of a spontaneous thing =3)

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Thoughts: I used up my 3GB quota!

With reviews taking up so much space, I’ve finally finished up the 3GB free storage given by WordPress..ahaahah so to commemorate that, I’ve taken some random pictures! XD I won’t be using any captions or words below, so use your imagination and tell me what’s happening!

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Thoughts: About Good Smile Company (GSC)

I’ve been getting GSC’s stuff for some time already, and as evidenced from my growing collection..probably deposited my life savings into their coffers. =3 So why this post abput GSC? Well remember pretty pretty Millifi here? Well didn’t I lose her ahoge (hair piece)? So why does she have that poking outta her head..? Read on.. =3

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Thoughts: Outdoor Photography Part 1

Outdoor photography with my figurines is one of my favourite things to do and placing them in appropriate/beautiful backgrounds is just fantastic. Therefore, I’m gonna do a short post on how I do my photography and sorry if it’s too elementary…I’m still starting out! =3

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