Figure Reviews:

NENDOROID (ねどろいど):

Touhou Project (東方Project)

nendo flandrenendo alicenendo remilianendo marisanendo reimu  nendo sakuyanendo sanaenendo yuyuko nendo youmu


nendo sakura mikunendo snow miku 2013nendo miku dayonendo miku appendnendo miku 2.0 nendo shuukan miku nendo len


nendo fraunendo akiho  nendo hartmannnendo barkhornnendo lucchininendo erionendo inorinendo haruhi 1stnendo azunyan nendo ritsunendo ellynendo kokoronendo sharonendo neronendo mami nendo kyoukonendo homunendo homu sch uni nendo madoka sch uninendo madokaminendo madoka  nendo sayakanendo kobatonendo maria nendo senanendo yozoranendo yune nendo zetsubou senseinendo super soniconendo sakura nendo nymphnendo ikarosnendo potc  nendo menmanendo millifinendo leonmitchellnendo brsnendo dmnendo strength nendoroid bgs mariko nendo

FIGMA (フィグマ):

figma miofigma mugifigma azunyan figma yuifigma ritsufigma kuroneko  figma mamifigma kyoukofigma sayakafigma homurafigma nagatofigma saberfigma miwikifigma tsukasafigma kagamifigma bgs figma brs figma dmfigma riderfigma haruhi chou yuushafigma shikabanefigma konatafigma madoka

FIGURINES (フィギャー):

griffin flangsc homugsc lat miku gsc mamigsc saberkoto wondie koto zangemax factory haruhimax factory kasumi max factory miku appendmegahouse robinmegahouse namialter yuialter mugialter nagatomax factory shanaalter momohimealter hartmannalter menmaalter mikurualter haruhi alter sasamialter yamadamax factory al azif

S.H. Figuarts

shf deka blueshf deka pinkshf deka yellowshf black originalshf black rxshf akibayellow shf akibablueshf akiba redshf amazon shf strongershf shin ichigoshf shin ni goh shf v3shf Xshf ridermanshf shadowmoonshf blackshf exceed gillsshf gokai redshf gokai blueshf gokai green shf gokai pinkshf gokai yellowshf gokai silvershf red hawkshf black condorshf tajadol with effect partsshf ultimate kuugashf kuuga redkuuga dragon and pegasusshf kuuga purpleshf ryuurangershf shinken redshf dekaredshf cycloneshf kickhoppershf agitoshf another agitoshf ichigo sakurajimashf v3 nextshf putoshf skyrider shf super 1


ultra act aceultra act jackultra act papa ultra act sevenultra act taroultra act ultraman renewal ultra act seven oldshf ultramanultra act kaiser belialultra act belialultra act brothers mantle

20 thoughts on “Figure Reviews:

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  2. Clicking on Makina links to Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX

    Aside from that, I’m loving your figure reviews. I love the way you express your thoughts, as well as the quality of your images. Permitting viewers to see even some minute details.

    What figures are you currently intending to purchase and review?

    Which figures (Excluding Black Gold Saw and the Haruhi Figmas) of yours are dust-magnets?

    • Thanks for the feedback and edited the Makina link. Works ok now XD

      Anyways I find that anything that has rubber bits to eventually turn kinda stick and attract dust. Since I live in a tropical’s kinda inevitable unless I blast the air-conditoner 24/7..which I don’t. XD

      Nendoroids not touched for awhile also become sticky due to the humidity so there’s nothing much that can be done except store them away from sunlight at all times. Right now my Milky Holmes Nendoroids are showing signs of being sticky..=(

      • You are most welcome, buddy. It is an honor and pleasure.

        I see. It seems that it is the nature of those substances. Even other people have mentioned that the rubbery parts of their figures are dust magnets. Like a BGS review I found before, I could send you the link if I run across it again.

        I’ve never been to Singapore yet and many tell me it’s a lot hotter than here in the Philippines.. Apart from you, other Singaporeans on the web have expressed these problems with PVC figures in general as well.

        Apart from your Nendos, have your Figmas and Stills gotten sticky as well?

      • Figmas yeah, those rubber skirt and what so. I think figurines fares the best amongst them all. As long as they don’t go into direct sunlight..they are pretty alright for me..except for my Max Factory Shana..the clear red hair is really sticky. XD

  3. Gah, this blog is what keeps me awake at work, but I’m running low on things to read! you’ve gotta review mode!

      • Haha, it’s a very slow job that relys on others to contact me before I can do anything, so… gotta bide my time somehow! What reviews can we look forward to? =D. i personally can’t wait until Sept/Oct. That. Sailor. Moon.


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