Review: Nendoroid Nagi


On that recent trip to Tokyo for my Summer Program, I managed to pick up this lil’ tree spirit for an affordable 2.5k yen at Ikebukuro! Considering how expensive Nagi can get nowadays, it was an absolute steal! Nagi is from the series Kannagi and now that the anime had ended some time back, I dragged my heels getting her to accompany my Zange. Well time waits for no tree-nymph so here is her review!

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News: Nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman

Man I should have really seen it coming….after the Nendoroid Titan all the other characters are gonna bound to pop out and consume my wallet..aah maybe it’s work and other stuff but Mikasa’s release made me go ‘no way! that was quick‘ to ‘damn that means Eren and Armin are gonna follow up soon..?’ kinda feeling.

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Review: Nendoroid Touwa Erio


For some reason, my usual store didn’t offer the preorder for this lovely lass and before I knew it, she was released. Due to the high levels of futon loving folks, I was unable to grab this delusional chick for a decent price until recently, where someone decided to sell theirs so here’s the overlong review…of the girl who believed she was an alien! U.F.O launching~

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Review: Nendoroid Sakura Miku


It’s been SO long since I updated…well since all my pre-orders weren’t here..I got kinda lazy and just sat on my ass day in day out. Well no more! With the advent of April my pre-orders all cascaded on me like a Tsunami and to kick off Spring (In Japan at least), we have our lovely Sakura Miku!

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Review: Nendoroid Alice Margatroid


Touhou Project Nendoroidsalways has a knack for making me crack open my wallet…and pay higher prices cause they are so damn adorable..and have such unique designs…ZUN! Anyhoos, today star is our favourite loner from the Forest of Magic..lovely Alice Margatroid! If it isn’t obvious enough from the picture, she loves her dolls and use for all kinds of tasks..from cooking to battle. There was a Nendoroid-Petit before but now she is a full-sized Nendoroid..of course I couldn’t pass her up..=3

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Review: Nendoroid Gertrude Barkhorn


With a new year comes new releases and after a 2 month delay, Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn swoops in to kickstart a blazing new year! Barkhorn or Trude is from the series Strike Witches and she is pretty awesome if you’ve seen her in action! With her discipline of steel and commitment to battle, she is one of my favourites from the squadron. So with the Nendoroid in my hands, let’s lauch!

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Thoughts: With delayed releases comes a lack of updates =3

nendo spring clean

It’s been some time since I posted and that’s due to the fact that I have nothing new to review..(with the exception of some SHFs) with all my pre-orders being delayed and stuff..=3 Ah well just take it as a break and since the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up..take it as an excuse to haul all my Nendoroid boxes out, and do some spring cleaning!

On a side note..these relatively non-toy days have gotten me rather bored so I went back to reading voraciously and listening to classic rock and anime soundtracks. This has really re-kindled my love for books and with the new anime season starting now, there will be lots of fun things to occupy myself with ! Not to mention my school started as well…=3

So when toys are not running about in your lives (I imagine all my Nendoroids breaking free of their shelves and go tumbling about with their big heads..=3) what do you guys do to pass the time?