Review: Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Nami (Megahouse)


Finally got my grubby paws on Nami on her 3rd re-release…I really liked Nami’s post time-skip look and when Megahouse announced her release..I was stoked. However financial plus space issues prevented me from pre-ordering but when she got released for the third’s a sign from heaven right? =3

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Review: 1/8 Momohime (Alter)


This pretty princess has been on my WANTS list for the longest time and when Alter announced a re-release..I’m so gonna jump on that pre-order =D Well time passed and with a humongous delay in between, I finally got my paws on this peach girl so let’s check the review (if you haven’t already seen one is that possible? =3)

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Outdoor Photography: Old Queensway KTV building

If you ever took the train from Commonwealth to Queenstown station, you might come across this abandoned building that’s along the road. Considering that Singapore doesn’t have much of these kinda places, it felt like an amazing place to shoot and I dragged my new figurines over there for a photshoot! It’s just so appropriately dilapidated!

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News: Wonfes Summer (July 29 2012)

Sorry for the lack of updates on my end..been really busy with school, exam and work so just here to do a quick post about upcoming goodies. Every Wonfes, my wallet cringes in pain as I look through pictures of delicious stuff which I want and probably not be able to get but hey…one can always hope right? I get my info from Nekomagic and since GSC’s part isn’t up yet..let’s take a look at my 2nd favourite figure company, Alter!

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