Outdoor Photography: Milky Holmes 参上!


Since it was National Day (The Birthday of Singapore) on the 9th of August and it was a public holiday, I decided to finally bring the Milky Holmes girls out for a shoot! Since the Nendo cat disrupted my shoot before, I decided to go to a non-animal existent place and so together with me buddies, headed over to the Esplanade!

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Thoughts: I used up my 3GB quota!

With reviews taking up so much space, I’ve finally finished up the 3GB free storage given by WordPress..ahaahah so to commemorate that, I’ve taken some random pictures! XD I won’t be using any captions or words below, so use your imagination and tell me what’s happening!

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News: Winter Wonfes 2012 – Nendoroid Mania!! =O

WonFes and Tamashii Festival is where I keep my eyes peeled for the next wave of merchandise that comes along and steals my money..for Wonfes especially, GSC always manages to cause me heartburn at the awesome cuteness of the damn Nendoroids. Figmas, Figurines are fine and I love them, but my cup of poison is well and truly those chibi big-heads. =3

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