Wonfes 2014 – Summer (The dreaded killer of wallets)

Here it comes again..the deadly tsunami that is Wonfes. I know this blog has been dead for awhile due to work and stuff but this time, the stuff offered by GSC is just too poisonous for me not to blog about it. Thanks to Nekomagic and Nendonesia, we can all roll about and cry in joy as our finances get ripped to shreds. No holidays and food…? No biggie, I just need my Nendos =3  Due to the dazzling amount of merchandise being announced, I’m just gonna zoom in to my weakness, NENDOROIDS!! And boy oh boy does GSC have some treats

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News: Nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman

Man I should have really seen it coming….after the Nendoroid Titan all the other characters are gonna bound to pop out and consume my wallet..aah maybe it’s work and other stuff but Mikasa’s release made me go ‘no way! that was quick‘ to ‘damn that means Eren and Armin are gonna follow up soon..?’ kinda feeling.

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News: Nendoroid Chariooootttt…and she’s gonna run you over with macarons..

As expected, Chariot is pretty big and looks really kick-ass! Mikatan really tried to sell this product and if you’re interested in the review, here’s the link. I’m not gonna repeat what Mikatan said but instead gonna focus on something else..her price!

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News: I’M BACKKKKK!!!!

I know it’s been more than a month since I posed but the crazy work + school + whatever else has passed and the only things left are exams. That seriously frees up some time to blog but hey, enough about me! Let’s talk about what’s up with that picture above! It’s my loot/hoot from this year’s AFA (Anime Festival Asia) 2012 and it was seriously a blast. My limbs are aching and my throat is sore from all the screaming during the Anisong concert but it was well worth it. Stay tuned for a later post about AFA 12! XD



Outdoor Photography: Milky Holmes 参上!


Since it was National Day (The Birthday of Singapore) on the 9th of August and it was a public holiday, I decided to finally bring the Milky Holmes girls out for a shoot! Since the Nendo cat disrupted my shoot before, I decided to go to a non-animal existent place and so together with me buddies, headed over to the Esplanade!

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