News: GSC re-releases fans votes!!

It’s so cool that GSC is really following on the poll’s results and re-releasing all the items that got really high votes! Following on from the Touhou Nendoroids, Reimu Figma and now these 2! So if you voted that time, you should be pleased that GSC is really listening to your opinions! Game/Won-fes exclusive items probably won’t get re-released but for regular stuff, keep your eyes peeled! I’m gonna wait for Miyafuji…=3


Images linked from GSC.

News: Nendoroid pre-order or not?

The loveable bear? from Persona 4 has been announced and boy does he look colorful! =3 I thought Kuma was kinda dumb when he first appeared in Persona 4 but as the series came along..he really grew on me. Kuma is cute kuma~ Now that a Nendoroid has been announced for Kuma..I am really tempted…ahahaha

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Thoughts: About Good Smile Company (GSC)

I’ve been getting GSC’s stuff for some time already, and as evidenced from my growing collection..probably deposited my life savings into their coffers. =3 So why this post abput GSC? Well remember pretty pretty Millifi here? Well didn’t I lose her ahoge (hair piece)? So why does she have that poking outta her head..? Read on.. =3

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News: Results of GSC voting results!

Remember the previous post about GSC’s 10th Anniversary? Where you could vote for the stuff you wanted and hopefully GSC would re-issue it! I already listed down what I voted for and if you did participate, here are the results!
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Review: Nendoroid Millhihore F. Biscotti

It’s been so long since I got Milli-chan and finally I had some time to sit down and knock out a review. =D Millihore F. Biscotti is the princess of the Biscotti Republic and despite her royal status, manages to carve out some time for a singing career as well. From the anime Dog Days I bring you Milli-chan and Harlan! Continue reading