Outdoor Photography: Marina Bay Sands and Belated New Year Greetings!


2013 passed rather quickly for me and for this blog..even faster. I’ve barely updated these past few months and it’s heartening to see readers dropping by despite my lack of new content. Still I gotta get haul my ass through and clear the enormous backlog of stuff that’s sitting around awaiting their review. Anyhoos a Happy New Year to all and with the Lunar New Year right around the corner, it’s gonna be pretty festive on my side. Enjoy the Deka gals while you’re here and I’m gonna go knock a review out =3
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Review: Kamen Rider Ichigo (Sakurajima Version)


Sakurajima Ichigo is yet another spin-off the awesome Shin Ichigo mould with some minor differences..Story-wise, Sakurajima Ichigo is the suit that Ichigo donned when he returned during the original series to help out Nigo and due to it’s colour scheme, is my favourite Ichigo look. =3

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Review: S.H.Figuarts Black Condor


The most awesome Sentai character has landed. Gai Yuuki (Black Condor) from Jetman is seriously cool with his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude and not forgetting his controversial *spoilers* demise. Despite him sharing the same sculpt and mould as Red Hawk, I felt suckered enough after finishing the series that I got him off Ebay..seriously how can you say No to Black Condor? =3

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Review: S.H.Figuarts Red Hawk


Here comes my terribly procrastinated review of Red Hawk…Red Hawk is Ryu Tendo..a human being endowed with Birdonic waves which gives him enhanced strength, agility…etc and allows him to transform into a Jetman! Which is a landmark Sentai Series by the way…=3 Enough background story I suppose..so let’s spread our wings and take flight!

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Outdoor Photography: Red Hawk and Black Condor



I just finished Jetman and can pretty understand why it’s one of the most awesome Sentai series..other than that, I really liked the costumes and how simple yet memorable they are. Of course with the S.H.Figuarts of Red Hawk and Black Condor making an appearance, I grabbed them before you can say ‘Cross Changer’  and brought them out for some outdoor shoots =3

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Thoughts: Shopping in China Square Central


I had plenty of enquiries about where I purchase my stuff and where in Singapore is a good place to loot etc. Well I decided to put that all to rest and introduce you guys to China Square Central! Located conveniently within walking distance form Chinatown Mrt, it’s where toy-lovers hang out every Sunday! Continue reading

Review: S.H.Figuarts Akiba Yellow

Yaoi fan-girl Yumeria is here in her Sentai form as Akiba Yellow, and I finally managed to complete my Akibaranger set! =3 If you recall, she was one of my loot in AFA 2012 and I grabbed her at a bargain of 2000yen. Let’s crack her open, and see what does Yumeria bring to the table!

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