Review: Nendoroid Erica Hartmann


Poor Hartmann has been delayed for like 2 months and my initial enthusiasm has withered to a pile of dry leaves waiting for her. Now that I finally have her, my favourite German lass has stoked those leaves into a bonfire! Let’s take off and check out ace pilot Hartmann!

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Review: Nendoroid Gertrude Barkhorn


With a new year comes new releases and after a 2 month delay, Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn swoops in to kickstart a blazing new year! Barkhorn or Trude is from the series Strike Witches and she is pretty awesome if you’ve seen her in action! With her discipline of steel and commitment to battle, she is one of my favourites from the squadron. So with the Nendoroid in my hands, let’s lauch!

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