Review: Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu

To start things off this Lunar year, let’s go red and start with Reimu from Touhou Project!! Reimu is the shrine maiden (Miko) of the Hakurei shrine in Gensokyo and has appeared in almost all Touhou games.

Reimu is the 1st Nendoroid of the Touhou series to be released and with her distinctive costume, looks really eye catching.

To add to the exclusivity of the Touhou Nendoroids (which are ALL exclusive or limited), they have their own unique stands! Reimu comes with one in the form of the Yin-Yang symbol which is one of her attacks. =3

Reimu is a Miko (Shrine Maiden) so her outfit really reflects that with the skirt and sleeves. All in all a tremendous departure from the standard school uniform most characters are stuck with.

I really like Zun’s character designs because it’s really interesting and sometimes quirky. Reimu’s bow is really large here and I love it! There are some illustrations where the bow is comically large and some where it’s really small. I prefer Reimu’s bow to be large and for the Nendoroid, it’s large and has crisp lines printed on it. =)

Reimu’s ponytail is attached via a joint and that allows it to swing about. If you want to remove the bow you can also, just pluck off the ponytail and remove the bow. Don’t really know why you want to display without the bow though?

Reimu doesn’t come with many face-plates, just 1 in fact. Other than that, you have separate hands for her ‘weapons’ and the teacup holding hand.

Reimu with her talismans (Ofuda 御札). It’s pretty detailed and looks kinda cool. Too bad it’s attached to her hand so you can’t have it in various angles unlike if it’s removable.

Now Reimu picks up her Gohei (御幣), the wooden wand commonly used to bless or sanctify Shinto rituals.

This is pretty awesome and gives off a really relaxed vibe with this. If Reimu holding on to her talismans and wand wasn’t that owning, I would totally go with this for my display option. =D

It’s also interesting to see that they used a clear green plastic to mimic green tea. Man that’s some nice detail! I prefer clear plastic to paint anyday!


Before I say anything let me ask you a question. Do you like Mikos? No? Then why are you reading this? If yes (obviously!), read on read on…Reimu is the most iconic character of the Touhou franchise and even if you aren’t a fan of the franchise, it’s easy to appreciate the Nendoroid for its unique look and style. I would say get it! But considering that this is an exclusive and all, it probably won’t be that easy and cost you some serious cash. However both Reimu and Marisa has been re-released a few times so they won’t cost as much as the rest of their Touhou brethren so if you can get her for a decent price, do it!

After I solve this crisis, I’m going back to the Shrine to have some tea~


8 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu

  1. I. Should. Have. Bought, Her. Figma. When. First. Released… orz

    Some say, when you have the black-white you should also have the red-white. And vice-versa.
    Then again, any Touhou figures are, exclusive… Ouch.

    • man normally I steer clear of color repaints because it seems kinda pointless. However with some characters you just seem to need all the colors….

      The exclusivity is a killer though…though my motto is buy first and regret later!!

      • Actually, The black-white is referring to Marisa. =)

        Common colour naming:
        red-white – Reimu
        black-white – Marisa
        blue-white/Luigi – Sanae

      • ooh sorry, Touhou noob here. Cause I keep seeing Griffon releases with re-colours and thought you were referring to something like that. Thanks for the info mate, there’s so much to learn! =D

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