Review: Mazinger Z Weapons (Effect Part) Set

as promised, here is the review for Mazinger’s effect parts!

There it is, the effect parts in all their glory. =3 It’s disappointing that Bandai can’t provide just 1 rocket punch packed with Mazinger Z, instead you need to get this add-on. With FOUR rocket punches! Why 4? Well because the rocket punches are compatible not only with Mazinger Z, but Great Mazinger as well! Scroll up to the 1st picture, yeap that’s the whole picture there. =3

The extra stuff  just comprises of the 4 rocket punches, Jet Scrander and another giant hand. =S

runs and jumps*


The Jet Scrander fits really tightly so issues about it falling off. The wings can be pushed forward/backward but the difference is rather slight. The red for the wings are also done in the same shade as his chest, which is nice and reflects light easily (hence the glowing tone here.)

When Mazinger straps the Scrander on, he also has a belt to secure the backpack. What is provided was a belt that opens from the front. Therefore there is a terrible seamline right smack in front…I guess that’s the most creative way Bandai could do it, since putting a joint in front would be bad..? Why not from the sides Bandai?

Ta Da! 2 giant hands! You can also obviously rocket punch those into evil robots and although it’s rather heavy, the shoulders should be able to take it. Good joints there!

Now for some Rocket Punching goodness~



I don’t like the fact that Bandai made the rocket punches a separate purchase. It’s an integral part of Mazinger Z and really should be packed with Mazinger. However that being said, the fact that you get 4 effect parts and the Jet Scrander kind of soothed me a little. Mazinger looks real cool with the Scrander rocket punching away so yay? The fact that Great Mazinger can also join in the fun just makes it better. However the fact that now thia set is really hard to find and costs a pretty penny is a huge bummer. I got it around 2200Yen from a local shop and seriously, that’s a decent price. If you can get it a comfortable rate, why not? Not really needed as an add-on, but real fun to have. =3

thanks for reading everyone!


6 thoughts on “Review: Mazinger Z Weapons (Effect Part) Set

  1. =3 =3 =3 The effect parts are great!!! But yeah, they should have included some in the original product.. well at least you get 4!!! Really nice effetcs, great effect on the images! 😀

  2. Dammit Bandai I know they want to make money but his seems rather contrived even more so since the only options are to buy it or not have a rather iconic part of the Mazinger lore.

    Still look pretty cool though.

    • Especially if you didn’t get it when it got first released, you are going to have a terrible time getting it now..

      Although I suppose if you want it enough you might try re-creating that with tissue or something..? =3


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