Event: License 2 Play (L2P at Marina Bay Sands)


License 2 Play is an annual gaming convention where new games are broadcasted and free plays are all over the place. I’m not an avid gamer but I heard there are some sweet discounts on merchandise so I popped by for a brief look..


It was a 3 day event and I came on the 3rd day…and the whole event for lack of a better word..was kinda dead. It didn’t feel festive, there wasn’t much of a pop and the $5 admission ticket felt wasted….Maybe I’m not a gamer or whatever but hey..I’ve been to better cons..


Merchandise wise yeah it was pretty cheap and stuff! However since I really indulged recently, I had everything I needed so I didn’t get anything in the end. D’oh!

Ah well in the end it was a pretty meh event for me. Nothing spectacular to write home about and nothing memorable…maybe it’s just me…=3

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