Review: Figma Makina Hoshimura

I have to admit, prior to getting Makina, I have no idea who she was and what she does. All I got was a sms from my cousin telling me “eh i’m getting Teana Lanster figma from this guy, and he is selling Makina as well”.

So I asked him “who’s Makina?”

“I dunno? some corpse princess”

“eh that sounds cool, alright I will get it”

And that’s how I ended up with her. In my mind, a corpse princess would look really kickass with blood/gore .etc so imagine my surprise when I received her.

She doesn’t look so dead now does she? Well time to Google her up and she who she is. In a nutshell, Makina is a Corpse Princess, an undead girl who hunts other undead corpses with the help of Buddhist monks. Hmm…confusing but hey let’s move on with the review!

The Makina I got is second-hand but the condition looks good and the box has this really cool logo at the front. Interesting and makes me wanna open her up!

Here is Makina in the ‘default’ Anime schoolgirl outfit right out of the box. Looks nice and the proportions are well done.

As mine is second hand, there are some faded yellow stains at the bottom of the shirt and I think the yellow paint got transferred slightly from the edge to the uniform. Not that obvious and something that I can live with. The joints are pretty obvious for the elbows and knees but since Figmas uses the same joints for all their figures, it’s something that I got used to. The two braids at the back of the head are on little pegs and are individually moveable.

The side views for Makina. Figmas tend to look odd when viewed from the side especially some will have their head sticking out due to the neck joint.

The accessories include the tray of hands and Figma stands that all Figmas come with. Additional parts would be an extra gritting face, 2 sub-machine guns with 2 firing effect parts.

Generally, Figmas like S.H. Figuarts, are able to stand on their own without stands. However if need be, the stand can be attached to Makina through a hole in her back which would allow aerial or steady poses to be done.

Alright time to switch the faces and get ready for some action poses. Just remove the fringe and face and switch them. In this aspect, I like Figmas more than Nendoroids as you do not need to remove the entire head to switch an expression. I have a phobia that when I keep switching heads for Nendoroids, one of these days the joint will break and be stuck inside the Nendoroid. =(

Action poses are really easy to do for Figmas as their joints are tight yet smooth and that allows the figure to hold its pose well. I really enjoy taking photos of figures with moveable hair/scarves as it conveys motion easily and convincingly.

With the effect parts put unto the gun, the action looks so much better and just that much more killer. With added coolness however comes extra weight. I’m not sure if it’s because my Figma is second hand but the wrist joints are really weak especially with the effect part on. The guns will sag with a slight touch and it’s irritating when you’re taking photos of it.


I got her due to someone selling her for cheap and when I got her, I didn’t have much expectations for her. She is fun to pose with and looks really decent with the guns blazing all round but would I cry if I were to lose her? Probably not, as I have not even see the Anime/Manga of Shikabane Hime. Am I glad to have her in my collection? Yes, as her double sub-machine guns are quite cool and she has nice proportions. Makina is a nice Figma to have in your collection but even with the effect parts blasting out of her guns, she wouldn’t stand out that much in your collection due to the standard schoolgirl/sailor uniform that has been done to death in Anime. Unless you’re a fan of the character/Anime, there are other easier Figmas to find that has more weapons than Makina with a more interesting look.

still, I really love her hair. =3 as always, thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Review: Figma Makina Hoshimura

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  2. Concerning those yellow stains on Makina’s shirt you mentioned. Both my Makinas (a brand new and a secondhand) have those as well.

    According to some people I asked in a board before, they told me that it’s a quality-control thing. Some people have this issue with their Makinas and some do not.

    • Ahh thanks for clearing that up! It might be due to age deterioration as well I suppose? Still nothing too major but that was some great info! Thanks so much matey! =3

      • You’re welcome, dude.

        It’s actually a manufacturing issue. Particularly on the 1st batch of Makina figures that have been released. Her re-relases had the problem addressed

        By the way, ever noticed that Makina’s thighs on the box print seem thicker than that of the actual figure? the one on the box print is the prototype.

  3. By the way, dude.

    Is your gun Makina’s effect parts sticky?

    Both my first and second one’s effect parts are slightly sticky to touch.


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