Review: Nendoroid Hirasawa Yui

The next K-On Nendoroid that was released after Mio was Yui and I snagged her sometime back when GSC re-released her. She is absolutely my favourite K-On member and everytime I am feeling down, I just think of Yui and I perk right up!

Yui comes in a bright pink box with all the K-on logos~

Yui comes right out of the box like this!! I can’t think of any cuter way GSC could have packaged her and I remember this scene so vividly from the anime which made it even more awesome for me. Yui’s hair sculpt has little pointy ends to mimic the messiness of her hair and boy it’s adorable! Her uniform is also the same nondescript navy as Mio’s one so nothing much to say about.

Her yellow hairclips has also been faithfully re-created and no paint spill on mine. =)

Another look at the adorable Yui-chan! Twins~


Yui comes with the same amount of accessories Mio did but with an extra bent leg! Giita (Guitar) also has some painted panels at the back so even though it’s tiny, it still looks good.

With 2 bent legs, she can do a leaping twins~ pose.

The 2 other face-plates of Yui. The determined one (my favourite) and the whimpering crying one. Although Yui doesn’t have much arms, you can switch them around for all sorts of random stuff like the boxing pose I did for Yui (right).


Yui also comes with 2 different arm strumming parts so it will look like she is really playing her guitar~I realised the amplifiers were the wrong side up in the pictures. =3

Yui, have you seen Elizabeth? *sobs*

You mean this? I was thinking of eating it. =D -Yui



Mio didn’t leave much of an impression on me and despite Yui having more or less the same body, Yui really impressed me. She has a really nice selection of face-plates, Giita is slightly brighter and her V (twins) signs just really seal the deal. I might be biased considering how much I like Yui but I came away really pleased with this Nendoroid. I would recommend this to anyone and if you can resist the temptations to get only 1 K-On Nendoroid, so far I would say go for Yui. =D

K-On Nendoroids are soooo moe~


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