Review: Nendoroid Super Sonico (Tiger Parka Ver.)


Super Sonico was a GSC onlne shop exclusive and I was dismayed that I couldn’t get into a group order for this cutie..well, fast forward a a few months and I managed to grab her off a local forum for a decent price and here is her review! =D

_1310127 _1310129

Super Sonico is the mascot for the brand Nitro+ and even though I’m not a fan of flood of figurines in the market, the Nendo is something that I can’t pass over on =X


The stand is a typical jointed Nendo one but what’s cool is that you can either connect through the hood (which is a seperate piece), or normally through the hole in the back.

_1310214 _1310216

Right outta the box you can see how frigging cute she is. Those headphones..the tiger print on her parka, that smile =3

_1310218 _1310220

It’s nice that the parka is flaring up at the back as well, gives Sonico-chan much more clearance and dynamism.


I tried staring but I still can’t figure out what those prints are..cats? But anyways it’s cool that the Parka has a tail but that’s kinda loose sometimes so be careful with yours.


A rather plain T-shirt with a stoned tiger at the front. Very casual and I gotta say..not many Nendoroids with outfits like that! And yes Sonico-chan still has her bountiful assets..even when shrunk down as a Nendoroid =3


Her headphones are seriously nice and the metal band is removable. However you can’t take off the entire headphones so it’s kinda restricted there..but hey it looks good enough to keep on all the time XD


The accessories might not seem be plenty but considering that you get an entirely new head, it’s good enough for me.


The alternate head looks really really good because there are just so many layers to it. I assumed that it would only consist of 2 pieces (front and back) but check out how detailed it is! Even those earphones can be removed..=O

_1310236 _1310233

Strumming her guitar! Will probably do a shoot with her and Yui soon =3

_1310238 _1310240

With bent legs you can do plenty of cool poses! And I have to admit, I got most of my ideas from Yui-esque poses =/

_1310242 _1310244

And the Tiger Hoodie on! I wasn’t a major fan of the winking face so it got only 1 photo..doh! The microphone is pretty tiny so be careful with it =3


Hoodie is pretty much my favourite bit of this Nendoroid =D

_1310251 _1310255

Last expression is this singing one and I can see the uses for it. Place it beside any Vocaloid and bam, you have a Nendoroid Idol group!


Super Sonico is a GSC online shop exclusive so even though her retailed price via GSC shop is similar to other Nendoroids..there’s bound to be some middleman cost involved (unless you’re shipping it yourself). Plus now she’s already released so there is no way you can pre-order her again so the prices might be high. Still, keep your wits about you and don’t pay more than you want..I got mine for $70 SGD (4.6K Yen) and it seemed reasonable to me. Anyways back to the Nendoroid…Sonico-chan is reallyreally cute..she comes with a decent amount of stuff..there’s actually alot you can do with a guitar and that Hoodie is just crazy awesome! I wanted her since I saw the promo pictures and now with her on display, I don’t regret it one bit =3. You might have a slew of Super Sonico scaled figures..but right now there is only 1 Sonico Nendoroid..get her while stocks last! XD





14 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Super Sonico (Tiger Parka Ver.)

  1. Oh! Glad to see your Super Sonico review! That closed-eyes expression is one of my fave and the hoodie head too. I think it’s going to be nice to jam her with K-On and vocaloids (too bad I only have Miku Append -_- )

  2. As cute as they are, I just can’t justify spending more than $50 on a Nendo. That’s the main reason I’ve passed on the 2012 & 2013 Snow Mikus, as darling as they are.

    I absolutely love Sonico’s tiger parka outfit. Makes me sad there’s so little merchandise of her wearing it. The main reason I don’t own a Sonico yet is because I wanted a figure of this outfit as opposed to the fetish outfits/swimsuit stuff she’s usually dressed in. I know there’s a parka figure coming up, but it’s apparently a huge scale…so it’ll be out of my budget. Life is unfaaaaiiiirr.

    • Ahahaha the flood of Super Sonico figurines are never-ending =X

      And yeah I get where you’re coming from. Normally if you pre-order, a Nendo should cost bout $50 but with all the exclusives around..the prices do get a little bit jacked up. And most of them are so damn cuteeee! So I can’t help myself sometimes …lousy reason I know =3

  3. I tend to mention it a lot when I see nendo reviews but man some characters are fit to be a nendo and some are not. Sonico definitely falls into the former, she looks so darn cute! She has nice expressions for once not looking scared or embarrassed and she is wearing clothes to boot!

  4. I wish that her skin would be paler in the Nendoroid. That’s the one thing that has been bugging me. Wonderful Nendoroid otherwise, but I can’t help but feel that her skin should be a tad bit lighter. :/

    • Hmm..a paler skin tone might be more appropriate for the character but I personally like my Nendoroids a tad darker..probably that’s why I missed out on the skin tone..cause it looks normal to me =3


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