Outdoor Photography: Kasumi and Sasami-chan out for a stroll~

I have gotten them for almost a year and it seems almost criminal to deny them their reviews. =3 But before that, I took them out to my nearby park and and shot some pictures of them. Every girl deserves the spotlight once in a while right? =3

For this picture, I wanted an element of surprise on Kasumi’s part. Kind of like “Omg, someone is peeping at me under those rocks” sort of feeling. I think I nailed it..in a way..

It’s Ninja to hide in tall grass~

Aaaaannd here’s another voyeur shot! =3

Now..from a ‘healthy’ woman to loli!


I’m going to follow up these pictures with the girl’s respective reviews soon so stay tuned for that! Going back to outdoor photography, I really enjoy bringing my stuff out for shoots and especially more in nature. In my humble opinion, despite all the pretty buildings around, Nature still provides the most beautiful and fascinating portrait for pictures. =3


5 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Kasumi and Sasami-chan out for a stroll~

  1. Will probably bring out my stuff as well with me soon, just have to find more time @_@
    good job on the photo shoot though, Sasami-tan~ has just increased my love points for lolis by 36% ^_^


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