News: Shigeru Araki-San passes away at 63 (Kamen Rider Stronger)

The main actor for Kamen Rider Stronger, Shigeru Araki-san passed away on April 14th due to pneumonia in Tokyo. He was the main character Shigeru Jou playing Stronger and the news really struck home with me as Stronger is my favourite rider.

“The heavens call…The earth cries out…The crowd roars…All calling on me to strike back against evil. Now listen up, villains! I am the champion of justice: Kamen Rider Stronger!”

Before going into the series, I really thought Stronger was kind of ridiculous with that helmet and the giant S emblazoned on his chest..however all it took to change that perspective was only 1 episode..the catchphrases, his whistling, Shigeru’s cocky all came together and made the entire thing awesome.

R.I.P Shigeru-san, you will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Little boys all over the world through Stronger, will know justice and live life as strong, upstanding citizens that will make you proud. Thank you so very much and be at peace.

It’s sad that everyone is slowly but surely leaving …but still the suit that carry your ideals are still here! Kids who have never watched the older series still get to see the costumes and hopefully, in a way get inspired. Love you guys!


Information provided by JeFusion

4 thoughts on “News: Shigeru Araki-San passes away at 63 (Kamen Rider Stronger)

  1. This is a sad day for showa rider fans. I’ll never forget the day you showed up on my betacam cassette player and introduced me to the world that is kamen rider.



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