Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

From Haganai, the infamous ‘niku’ Nendoroid is finally here! She is drop dead gorgeous, real clever and yet still manages to not have any real friends..ahh but who really cares about that..let’s take a look at Sena’s Nendoroid rendition!

For some reason, taking pictures of the packaging eluded me this time so let’s start with the base straight! Standard action base for Sena here. the arm connector for Sena is curiously short though~ =3

When I first saw Sena, I was really underwhelmed by her aesthetics..the conversion from 2D to 3D didn’t seem to go that smoothly but hey I still got her anyways..why? Cause she has lots of accessories! =D Sena has a really simple uniform going on, a dull palette of green and gray so it’s really difficult to screw that up =3 Her hair sculpt is pretty nice, with individuals sculpted at the back and front so it doesn’t look a solid yellow blob.

I have soo many uniformed Nendoroids that I don’t really know what to say about them anymore.. =3

Of course being Sena, she needs that butterfly pin and on the Nendoroid it looks real pretty~ I would have hoped for a darker tint to the blue because right now it’s really pale but ah well~

The uniform from the illustration had more details such as frills and a front pocket with the school logo but all the Nendoroid gets is a monotone suit with yellow lines. I’ve seen GSC do really detailed stuff with their Nendos but this time they went with the animation version instead of the more intricate novel illustrations… =3

Remember when I said Sena came with plenty of accessories..well yeah she did..other than the large amount of different arms, 2 lower bodies and face-plates..we also have a sofa, PS2 and a TV. Awesome…

Of course Sena has her tsundere crossed arms expression and despite not being a big fan of this face-plate, it works here and it’s really cute~ I love my cross Nendoroids XD

Then you have the strange pose lifted from the novel illustration. I don’t know about you but I feel that Sena is going for some kung fu pose with this..ready to punch your lights out with that stance.. =3


That pose also works when someone is harassing you. Look at how much Kirino is drooling over Sena…*now you know how poor Kobato feels Niku!*

Despite the tsundere expression being fun, Sena’s crying one is even more exploitable! To complete the whole helpless look, extended arms are provided so Niku can squeeze her ample bosom forth for the benefit of mankind..=3 However I can’t really get the gaps in between her arms and chest to fully close so it’s gonna look slightly strange during display.

By swapping various body parts, you get a tremendous amount play-ability with just that crying face..tremendous fun I tell you~ =3

Despite the fun I had with a crying Sena..that was not the main reason why I bought her..I bought her because of THIS!

I got Nendoroids with crying,smiling, angry faces but a Nendoroid with stars in her that’s something really special! =D

Sena with her PSP..if you have Yozora you can actually combine the sofa and make them play Monster Hunter together..I don’t have Yozora though so Sena gotta settle with single-player mode =(

The TV and other accessories have minimal paintwork done on them but considering that are secondary items, it’s not really an issue. Sena with the starstruck face playing PS2..that is just so much win~


Before going into the review, I had no idea that I would have so much fun with Sena..she looks really plain and for this release, the accessories really brings up the play value to the stratosphere~ You can probably guess from the amount of Nendoroid cameos that I had tremendous fun taking photos and posing Sena around while doing the review. Sena is really fuss-free to play around with, part swapping is a cinch and with those stars in her eyes, I am just totally sold. I would absolutely recommend this GSC release to any interested party as her accessories (strongest point) are compatible with almost any other Nendoroid you might have so that really makes it a worthwhile buy..=D

Are female otakus that hot in real life..? =3





26 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

  1. Thank you @w@ and for deleting BD’s comment too lmao, we owe you one.

    tell BD I’m really sorry for this @w@ It’s just that when one starts a riot the whole damn crew is compromised.

    And if you’re wondering, there are 5 more of us. 3 already agreed.

    • On a note to sena, I’m still waiting for her. but considering i got it from a local reseller and it uses sea transport, it will take a long while for her to get here.

  2. ^What happened @_@?^ Never mind, I hope I get girl like Sena, galgamer all the way! Did I make a mistake when I chose not to order her, I guess I did, damn 😦 hahahaha

  3. That crying face is so adorable… I do believe that female otakus can be that hot, and even more than what we expect. 🙂

  4. Ahah I was just going to say she reminds me a lot like Kirino and then you put her in the end you put the two together, If they were in the same anime they would be best buddies ^^

    Cute Nendo, I love the fact that the butterfly thing is kept well on her head, the quality is sure there!

  5. @ruoani and 赤信号

    Do you really want that? I mean getting a gal gamer/otaku/collector for a girlfriend?
    I mean when you two are still going out everything would just fine.

    But when you’re married to one, like me. You’re gonna have quite the budget management issues sprung up here and there lol. Not to mention trivial chara fights, the usual x is better than y. And of course the issue of cabinet/cupboard sharing/management for both our collection/games/etc.

  6. Is she was a mixed etnicity? Blonde, blue eyed girl, & foreign last name… Hmm… Judging by design yes, she’s quite attractive but I find that tsundere faces was kinda lack originality… It feels like she’s resembles to Kirino herself(tsundere face). Especially, both Kirino & her got a blue eyes & blonde hair although Kirino was kinda red headed. The other faces was ok, I like her sparkling eyes expression, I’ve seen alot tsundere character, they both actually got their own originality. However, this one does remind me about Tenmaku Sakurako from Love Collage, where her eyes gleaming on seeing cheap stuff around her.

    • I guess Sena should be mixed somewhere..gotta google it though~

      And yeah Tsundere faces get similar especially when they are Nendoroids..however Sena’s strength are in her accessories and the crying/sparkling face-plates so it isn’t all that bad =D

      Yeah the eye gleaming thing is real’s cool they reproduced that into a Nendoroid =3

  7. Love the photo of Kirino with Sena 🙂 Man, both of them looks cute with their tsundere style! About female otakus, I believe they are hot. Saw them at anime conventions and yes, they are hot 🙂 Especially those females cosplayers wearing anime school uniforms…simply MOE! ^^

  8. I love all the pictures! Kirino and Sena looked cute together! Haha. Haven’t open mine yet, am so busy at work. When I ordered Sena, I didn’t know about the anime at first, so I ordered her only because of those cool accessories but damn she’s really a nice catch!

    I have friends who got otaku girlfriends, and they always say they are lucky. 😉


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