Review: Nendoroid Alice Margatroid


Touhou Project Nendoroidsalways has a knack for making me crack open my wallet…and pay higher prices cause they are so damn adorable..and have such unique designs…ZUN! Anyhoos, today star is our favourite loner from the Forest of Magic..lovely Alice Margatroid! If it isn’t obvious enough from the picture, she loves her dolls and use for all kinds of tasks..from cooking to battle. There was a Nendoroid-Petit before but now she is a full-sized Nendoroid..of course I couldn’t pass her up..=3

_1310420 _1310423

Nothing too interesting here…except the fact that these 東方 project thingys always cost me a pretty penny XD


Starting from 2013 (to commemorate the 300th Nendoroid or something), GSC will be packaging special stands with each release. The patterns are random and I got a wooden tiled one..nice thought there.


But when you have a unique base just for you..why do you need a freebie? Alice’s one depicts two dolls hovering about with the puppet strings. Simple and in-character.

_1310431 _1310434

Alice has a really simple design with clean-cut colours. She looks so serene outta the box. Makes me feel at peace just staring at her..=3


I’m a big fan of that red hairband as well. It isn’t that obvious but it gives a much needed splash of colour to the entire Nendo.


If you look closely, there are some paint spills across the fringes and it honestly isn’t that obvious..still I want mine perfect =X


I love those boots! And yes she is wearing bloomers.


For some reason, Alice has major clearance for her neck and therefore can tilt her head much more than other Nendos.


3 dolls are provided here with 1 being a earphone jack. Apparently you can put her on your phone (if you would do so..really?) So only 2 are really usable with Alice…the arms for the dolls are kinda loose so beware your weapons dropping into a crack and being lost forever…Other than that, the heads turn and that’s that. Nice detail and paintjob even though they are tiny.


Accessories-wise..pretty meh. Other than an alternate get her Grimoire and other hands. You noticed that some of her hands have this white bit, that’s supposed to be her puppet strings which has pretty sloppy painting. Another issue would be only her left hand has those white bits…so however you do it, Alice is gonna be wielding puppet-power with her left hand..with her right hand being like..just you gotta use the Grimoire I suppose..


With the puppets on, she looks awesome!

_1310459 _1310465 _1310467

There are so many things you can do with the puppets..but it’s fun and makes for some good pictures.


Her bib/collar is also removable but without it, she looks like a kung-fu student.


Who’s there!

_1310474 _1310476

Hah! Master Spark!

_1310478 _1310481 _1310483

Ufufufu, you think my puppets are done..they will never be finished! For every 3 you defeat…I have 300 more!

_1310487 _1310491

Admit defeat now, or else..



Since this is an it worth paying more for her? Well..I think she is pretty well done and with the dolls thrown in..pretty sweet. However I wanted the Nendo to better reflect her character and probably GSC could have done that with another face-plate. I mean, she ‘s a loner who lives with dolls in a middle of a scary forest..How happy can one be? A serious or pissed expression would have been aces but for what you’re isn’t too bad I suppose. However, if you exclude the dolls from the equation..then Alice’s playability is kinda low..with only different hand options (with most of them made to wield the dolls) there are only so many things you can do with her. So I’m on the fence about my recommendation..she looks really nice..especially with her dolls all propped up but fun factor..not too much..=X Get her using your own judgement!



15 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Alice Margatroid

  1. Ahhh… good thing I’m resistant to Touhou nendos. There’s just so many of them and they’re all exclusives. T_T I’m hoping on getting a Flandre Scarlet though.

    • Ahaah there isn’t that many..just like 9 of them so far..? But they are all so unique and awesome that’s why I adore them so much.

      And GET FLAN-FLAN! She is by far my biggest favourite Nendoroid of all time..and with the recent re-release, it’s easier than ever to find her. =3

  2. The dolls do seem to present a ton of photo opportunities! I agree with the faceplates. I guess it’s a good thing her eyes don’t look ~too~ unique like Huke’s artwork. It may be easy to change her faceplate for someone else’s. Great review!

  3. Wow, didn’t know that her bib/collar can be removed. Only one face-plate? I recall many Touhou nendoroids comes with a “signature” face-plate, but this… =_=
    Also, where’s Hourai? D=

    • I know right…Alice’s expressions are kinda dull =(

      And I’m guessing one of the dolls is Hourai or Shanghai..I mean their eyes aren’t really drawn that well for the Nendo..=(

    • There are several right hands to use for her grimoire..I guess I twisted it rather awkwardly for some of the pictures.? Cos the grimoire’s prone to falling so it irritated me.

      And I gotta agree here, Alice’s simplicity is her selling charm =D

  4. Alice! Nendo is cool and all but where is the figma dang it.

    That aside, no angry or dead eyes face? How boring it’s like this is not Alice at all! It’s pretty neat that she comes at least with some of her dolls though.

    • The Figma would be tremendous!

      And the biggest draw-back gotta be the lack of appropriate faces..and if the Nendo didn’t come with any of the dolls..then it would be a total disaster..=X

  5. Hello :3 lovely review by the way I really loved Alice nendoroid, but just a lil question how did her “:D” face is? this buz mine’s a bit shiny on the cheeks and forehead :s, her “:)” face is more matte, I dunno why this happens…


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