Review: Kamen Rider Ichigo (Sakurajima Version)


Sakurajima Ichigo is yet another spin-off the awesome Shin Ichigo mould with some minor differences..Story-wise, Sakurajima Ichigo is the suit that Ichigo donned when he returned during the original series to help out Nigo and due to it’s colour scheme, is my favourite Ichigo look. =3

_1310299 _1310301

It’s a much thinner box than Shin Ichigo because instead of giving you a rider kick effect’re presented with a punch one! Cheers to that, because I’ve rather get that instead of a 3rd rider kick effect =3

_1310303 _1310305

If you’ve handled Shin’s the same deal. It was awesome then..and is still awesome now.

_1310307 _1310309

I really dig this colour scheme…ahahaha


Accessories get random hands and that tiny punch effect. It’s worth noting that the Shocker sword is slightly different from Shin’s one.


Maybe it’s cause of the darker helmet..but those red eyes are vivid!


And true to the original suit, you get some hair popping out at the back.


The creases around the fabric gives it a greater sense of realism. Another awesome thing is that all the joints are similarly there are no ugly discoloured gaps between his gloves and ankles! Nice one Bandai!


A comparison here. For some reason, Shin is slightly taller..

_1310322 _1310324

You can see the antenna is slightly different and Sakurajima doesn’t have the stripes.

_1310328 _1310330

Standard vanilla poses.


If you’re have to strike that pose!

_1310338 _1310356 _1310362 _1310367

Rider Punch effect power!

_1310378 _1310375 _1310370

Ichigo struggling against his mighty opponent..

_1310373 _1310371

Oh no, our hero is in a pinch!


What will Ichigo do now..?

_1310384 _1310386 _1310395

No! The question is, what CAN he do now? Against such overwhelming power..


The appearance of a new ally? Stay tuned next week for this shocking revelation!


Nah just joking! To repay Ichigo’s aid, his brother comes running in to save the day!

_1310402 _1310405

They quickly pull out their signature finishers!

_1310412 _1310416

And wipe Kumo Otoko off the face of this planet.


I admit to being suckered by Bandai..thus my purchase of yet another Ichigo re-paint. However, amazingly enough this is a regular release..not a web-shop one like Shocker Rider. This alone made it difficult to pass up and now I have 2 Ichigos! I can’t decide which is better so I got both..(terrible reason I know) Hmm, no regrets here but if you need an opinion..well get whichever one you like more..both are equally well done. A rather short conclusion..but’s a repaint so waddya expect? =3

Just _1310580

My Showa journey is coming to an end~


7 thoughts on “Review: Kamen Rider Ichigo (Sakurajima Version)

  1. Oooooohhhhhhhh….. DARN IT!! I ENVY YOU!! Mine one still not arrive yet ToT….

    Definitely, kickass looks & totally loved that badass coloring!! XD Damn, I hope mine one will come sooner…

      • After Ichigo Sakurajima I’m expecting for Nigo’s early design color.. Where he still got dark helmet & green-blueish gloves/boots. Personally I like that versions better than shin one…

      • Me too! But if they keep churning out those repaints..ahaha I’m gonna have so many of them..=3 Since I will get em all XD

      • Brace yourself:

        I totally excited about Nigo! For Ichigo, the coloring feels a little different compare to I saw him in 1st episode.. As I recall, his coloring doesn’t have shade of dull green as Sakurajima one.. More blue-ish & got more pinky eyes like Ichigo THE FIRST Ver.

        Also, in case you’re interested:

        I’ll definitely, hunt these 2 for sure…

      • Ahaha yeah I remember the pink eyes one! And I can’t wait for the Cyclone as well =3

        As for Zyuuranger, I’m gonna skip biggie for me as my friends are definitely getting that..just playing with theirs is good enough for me =3

  2. Proud owner of this one. Along with Akaranger, KyoryuRed, and a Shocker Combatman collection is growing. Blaming the latest Spidey story as doing crossover teamup craziness with Sentai/Spider/Rider teamups.


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