Review: Nendoroid Nagi


On that recent trip to Tokyo for my Summer Program, I managed to pick up this lil’ tree spirit for an affordable 2.5k yen at Ikebukuro! Considering how expensive Nagi can get nowadays, it was an absolute steal! Nagi is from the series Kannagi and now that the anime had ended some time back, I dragged my heels getting her to accompany my Zange. Well time waits for no tree-nymph so here is her review!


She is Nendo No.64…so that’s like way early in the series..considering that the entire run is at 360+ now, I definitely gotta temper my expectations.

_1330465 _1330466

Right outta the box everything seems good. Except for her two front ponytails. Although you can swivel them about, the fact that they’re right smack in front really hurts your poseability.

_1330469 _1330471

I kinda missed the skirt-stand as well. Simple and fuss free =3


Her costume is simple with no paint issues. Kinda missed this high quality as well. Some new releases just look bad in the painting department =O


Accessories wise, you don’t get a whole ton of it so you gotta work with what you got.

_1330477 _1330479

You get a mic for her to sing. I mean she is pretty good at singing =3


Then you got her divine wand that exorcises evil creepy crawlies!


But the real fun comes when Zange-chan gets into the picture.

_1330483 _1330486 _1330488

That shocked faceplate is pretty exploitable I suppose =3


Then finally you get the catatonic stare.


Despite her age (she’s not THAT old by human standards..Nendo maybe..?) Nagi holds up well and she has that play value going on for her. She’s really simple in her design and those accessories just add to that simplicity.  I don’t expect new folks coming in to rush to get her, considering how long ago their anime run was but for those who’ve been out and about, if you ever come across a decently priced Nagi, consider grabbing her! Or even better, grab both the sisters! =3



4 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Nagi

  1. yandere stare?

    now comes in two’s! enjoy your double daily dose of loving carnage~!

    *runs and hides* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~( ‘ .’)


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