News: Nendoroid Kyouko and Popura + Wagnaria Playset

It’s a double whammy of Nendoroids on Mikatan’s blog. First she announced Kyouko Sakura from Madoka Puella Magica, then Taneshima Popura from Working! Life is good indeed, a merry Xmas for all the fans~

Ever since the Figma got announced, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Nendoroid and wondering how it would stack up.

Kyouko looks fantastic! Check out all the white trims and laces, everything’s so neat and crisp. =D

And I seriously dig how GSC did Kyouko’s hair. For a Nendoroid, that really packs some attitude and punch with the overall spikiness~

other than the extended spear, you also have the normal spear. And boy it looks really good as well.

If you pre-ordered all of them, you can do some funky poses like that as well. Man I can’t wait for my Mami to arrive~ Anyways Kyouko looks really amazing so if she is your cup of tea, get your preorders NOW!

Like Kyouko wasn’t enough, Taneshima Popura got previewed today and boy is she adorable~The Wagnaria Playset is the background Mikatan is using for the shot and it does look pretty nifty~

Look at that expression! I thought I swore off Max Factory Nendoroids after Hinagiku but Popura-Chan is making my resolve weak….

Anyways, this is the set A of the Wagnaria playset. It looks nice and all, but for playability it seems kind of limited with only 1 table. If you want more, just get another A set I suppose.

This is the B set of the Wagnaria. You get the kitchen! It’s cool and everything so now you can actually have your Nendoroids cooking away~

This expression of Popura is really cute as well…ahhh I’m being poisoned….=S

I really like both Nendoroids and pretty much confirmed would pre-order them as soon as I can. The playset doesn’t tempt me so much now but in the future if I could pick it up as a bargain, who knows? Ah well…hopefully this Maxfactory Popura Nendoroid doesn’t bring back the nightmare of Hinagiku. =3 I’m pretty sure Hobbysearch and Ami Ami will have their pre-orders up soon enough.


All pictures and information kindly linked from Mikatan’s blog. =D




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