News: Nendoroid Cordelia Glauca previewed on Mikatan

finally, the last Milky Holmes member has been announced as a Nendoroid!! Yay!!

True to her character, they also included flowers in her hair!! Sweet!

Her ‘Toy’s expression, where she can heighten her hearing. Nothing too interesting but it’s an obvious inclusion.

This is one whacky expression and it’s so Cordelia~ Man I like this so much

This is when Cordelia got possessed by her ancestor. As she doesn’t have any strange moustaches or beards, you can use her face-plate on normal Cordelia without it looking off~ Yay!!

This is an obvious pre-order for me as I already own 2 and pre-ordered Nero. Does Cordelia tickle your fancy folks? ミルキィホームズ参上!!


pictures and information all kindly linked from Mikatan!

3 thoughts on “News: Nendoroid Cordelia Glauca previewed on Mikatan

    • i just worry about the balance issues with the hair being so high up and probably heavy as well. The arm-type stand that comes with her will most likely negate any weight issues hopefully though.


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