Review: Nendoroid Kaname Madoka School Uniform Version


I got this Nendoroid Madoka for the longest time but held off opening her till I recently got Homura to go along with her. Finally I summoned my courage to tear off the pristine white wrappping paper and slide Madoka out of her plastic prison…XD With the Nendoroid Madoka Mahou Shoujo version getting all sorts of compliments from me..I wonder how will this fare?


Noything much to say here, and Madoka seems to be having rather minimal accessories.


A rather plain school uniform and it doesn’t help that Madoka looks petrified =3


I like the ribbons though! Kind of cool! From the sides you can see Madoka has rather pecuilar downward pointing feet.


Her ponytails are fitted on Nendoroid joints so you can make her look surprised!


Even though her uniform is boring, the details are pretty sweet and love those white frills on her cuffs and base of her blouse. It’s really neat and pretty!


A comparison between the non-magical and magical forms. With transformation, Madoka changers her hair colour and uniform..=3


Accessories wise..kind of meh~ Though the extra Kyubey and crying face might be useful…


On the left you have the one that came with pink Madoka, the right is the one that’s packed with uniform Madoka.


An innocent school-girl meets Kyubey…of course somebody has something to say about that!


Homura is really persistent about Kyubey…don’t mess with her~


Despite that, Madoka just can’t keep her mitts off the lovable white devil (not Gundam in this case =3 ). This Kyubey hugging pose is probably the best one you can make with Madoka and I personally think it’s adorable.


The crying face works when Madoka is hurt and helpless (like most of the time in the anime) and helps to re-create the pivotal scenes.


I really can’t recommend this Madoka. The accesories ain’t that mindblowing and she’s rather plain in her school uniform too. To add to all this, Madoka is an exclusive and that makes hunting her down even more costly. It’s not all bad though..the faces included are useful and you also get anothe Kyubey which is cool! And with the uniform body, you can put Mami or Sayaka to re-create their school look. This release is only meant for completionists or those aiming to re-create all the key scenes from the series so if that sounds like you, go ahead and track her down!



5 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kaname Madoka School Uniform Version

  1. Funny, I just bought myself the school uniform version of the figma, wasn’t planning but you know school uniform versions of everyone else. Stupid Max Factory!!!

    I agree much like with the figma I would only buy this Madoka for completion sake plus the extra stuff to play with regular Madoka.

    Man, Homura sure is hardcore about protecting Madoka. Point blank executions, rocket launchers… geez.

    • Man the Figmas are a pain…school uniform everyone is coming out, gonna cost a pretty penny! Can’t wait for some pictures of your Madoka then..things are gonna get whacky!

      Ah well…you know Homura..don’t mess with her or it’s gonna get bloody..=3

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