Thoughts: Shopping in China Square Central


I had plenty of enquiries about where I purchase my stuff and where in Singapore is a good place to loot etc. Well I decided to put that all to rest and introduce you guys to China Square Central! Located conveniently within walking distance form Chinatown Mrt, it’s where toy-lovers hang out every Sunday!


Why on a Sunday? Because every Sunday, a bazaar is held in addition to all the retail shops opening and that allows you more options to grab some bargains!


You can pretty much try to hunt for whatever you need and with 2 levels of shops and stalls, there’s a high chance of it having what you want. However the prices fluctuate due to demand and supply so it might cost a bomb this week but next month’s a whole new different story. Since this is a markeplace (sort of), haggling is somewhat allowed but low-balling is bad form and rude and popular items get sold out real quick! Items like S.H.Figuarts are especially vulnerable to market changes and it’s a good rule of thumb to know your budget before diving in.


Good ole’ Toy and Toys where I pre-order all my Nendos and Figurines…=3 If you just want to go and window-shop, China Square Central is pretty fun as well as most shops display their goods proudly. It’s also interesting to note that certain items have a different popularity from country to country…it might cost an arm or leg in other countries but it’s cheap here and vice versa. If you don’t want to over-pay, know the market rate or grab a friend who does =3



China Square Central is probably the most concentrated area for toys in Singapore. From Bandai ,GSC, Hot Toys, Mattel, Hasbro, Kotobukiya to Square Enix, all the major brands are represented here with their main product lines available. However you have to note that only more mainstream stuff are available and obscure brands might not see the light of day. Touhou stuff isn’t that prevalent and if available, pretty costly. However if you’re a fan of what I normally review then cheers, it’s going to be paradise! As for bootleg items…well they are there but I’m glad to say in minimal amounts. Most shops don’t carry them and sell only authentic items so if it’s too good to be true..well it depends on your discretion. =3 However this is by no means the best place to get something you desire, there are several other shops in other areas that might offer up a pretty bargain so know what you want and the market rate before rushing in and you’ll be fine. Oh yeah, go on a Sunday for the full experience =3


My loot for the day! XD


19 thoughts on “Thoughts: Shopping in China Square Central

  1. Wow thanks for this info, now I know when to plan for a vacation (should have a Sunday)! Time to save up to get to SG 😀
    Congratulations on your loot! Yay!

  2. Ah, I haven’t yet got a chance to go there ever since you told me about this place last time. Seeing this now, I really have to find one Sunday to go!

  3. hey next week i will go to singapore
    do you have any good recoomend figure shop in singapore..? ( i’m not good reading map, usually i got lost if not asking all the detail ^^!)

    • Hmm other than the ones in China Square Central? You can try KKNM in Pomo, Latendo and Rapid Culture in Funan the IT Mall.etc

      However the prices vary from shop to shop so it’s better if you know what you want and how much you are willing to pay =3

      Oh yeah, welcome to Singapore!! XD

  4. Hey yo! My old facebook account got deleted so I lost your contact too!

    Nevertheless I still revisit your blog every now and then!

    I’m a regular visitor to CSC but I never knew about the bazaars… Usually too busy on Sundays to visit :(((

    How much did you grab Super-1 for??

      • Wow I didn’t know Uncle Ng was still selling Super-1, the last I visited him it wasn’t on the shelves.

        Haha yea you can always add me back 😛 I made a new fb account, the last one got hacked into by some malicious fellow

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  6. thanks for the review, I just got ultraman Act, but its the silver box, unlike the Ultraman Act 2 which is in the black box, but pre-order and only will arrive in July, If I knew there was so many shops in China Square I would have gone down this weekend, but never the less. thanks for sharing


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