Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Ace


The Showa brothers released in Ultra-Act form has proven to be surprisingly popular and with copyright issues affecting distribution of the brothers in South-East Asia..the prices have been rather crazy. Still I managed to grab Ace for a decent price of 4000 yen without a pre-order so a review is due!

_1300272 _1300276

Nothing different here..the usual pretty packaging =3

_1300291 _1300293

Ace is much more bulkier than Ultraman is and feels more solid as well. The joints are well-hidden and overall gives a really pleasant impression.

_1300294 _1300297

Th e silver really pops and complements the red well and I like how the gloves and boots are sculpted. The creases and wrinkles really reflects the original suit.


I like how the shoulderpads were done but those eyes..why is it that shade of yellow? And it’s also missing the pupils right at the ends..Is the Ultra-Act Ace suffering from cataracts?


A comparison with his fellow brother. Check out the improvement in joints and body sculpt! I understand that they possess different suits but still the improvements are awesome!


Accessories wise..pretty alright but nothing to be blown-away by.

_1300309 _1300311

No issues doing spread-leg poses. He can hold his ground and looks good doing it!

_1300313 _1300315 _1300317 _1300319


Ace-blade! I don’t really seem to remember this weapon but hey, free stuff is always good! The Ace Blade can cut through anything and it’s conjured up by sheer willpower…oooh

_1300326 _1300330 _1300333

Vertical Guillotine! This effect part is pretty neat and attaches via both his arms but it’s a pain to properly position. Still it’s awesome though!

_1300336 _1300338 _1300340 _1300344

Of course all Ultras got to have their signature beam! Ace whips out his Metallium Kousen and destroys the unfortunate Kumo-Otoko..which was unfortunate enough to tangle with an Ultra instead of his usual Ichigo..=3 The Kousen effect part looks dubiously like it’s suffering from measles..measles beam?



I really really like Ace. Despite the fact that he’s taller than Ultraman by a bit and his eyes are kinda crappy, the body sculpt totally won me over. It’s a joy to pose and play with and despite the average amount of’s good enough for me. The silver paint is sweet and if it wasn’t so hard to hunt down I would highly recommend this to everyone. Ah it is I’m still sore about missing Zoffy..still at least I got 宇宙のエース!



3 thoughts on “Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Ace

  1. This was great, the pictures felt like watching a fight from the show. That first picture makes it look like he really is a giant fighting among buildings. To be able to reproduce the poses and action from the show is the best testament to an action figure such as this.

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