Outdoor Photography: Nendo-loving cat =3

I wanted to do some outdoor shots for Milky Holmes and thought I had the perfect place…and well it was pretty awesome for the first minute..until a Nendo loving cat appeared. =3

I managed to stack all 4 of them up and all ready for a shot..until..

Black cat strikes!!

And that went on and on till I gave up..poor Elly fell down a step. =(

So I packed everything up into my bag. And said cat decided to investigate as well. =3

New cuddle spot! XD

I don’t blame the cat though..it was really adorable and tame and when it wasn’t knocking down Milky Holmes, it was really fun to cuddle and pet it. =3 I will probably try another area next week for my Milky Holmes shoot so be patient folks! XD


11 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Nendo-loving cat =3

  1. haha happens to me all the time. I think that’s what we always encounter with outdoor photography (cat, ants and small kids). Sorry about Elly though. Will look forward to your Milky Homes photography. ^_^

    • Recent showers have kinda made outdoor photography difficult but I will try again! Ahaha yeah I know right..I don’t mind kids because they can still listen but animals are kinda tricky. The cat was really cute though. XD

  2. awww… thats sweet… didn’t know cats were that friendly. they usually ignore me and snooze in a high corner somewhere haha. surprising to see it get into your bag… wonder if you would’ve gotten away w it if you quickly zipped up your bag and took it home hahaha.

    • That thought did flash past my mind for a moment..however the painful experience of it rampaging across my collection stopped my hand from reaching towards the zip…=3

  3. Haha, nice! xD
    I’ve been lucky so far as to not get any animals in the way of outdoor shoots. I don’t think there are very many stray dogs or cats around the area though, so that could be why.

    • Ahhaha it was the first time for me that such an insistent cat was around..ahaha well I suppose it’s a good thing? Since you always get really pretty backgrounds. XD

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