Review: Figuarts Zero Nico Robin

Of course after Boa, I had to get my favourite One Piece gal of all, Nico Robin! If there is a character who had a sadder childhood than Robin, I wouldn’t know and despite her checkered past, Robin has grown into an integral part of Luffy’s crew and this is the ‘New World’ version of her. Let’s get past her wicked sense of humour and into the review!

Instead of going for the regular white background, I chose to do an outdoor photoshoot for the pictures so let me know what you guys think about it!

Robin is standing with her arms crossed rather elegantly and this is probably pre-attack mode..getting all ready to go arms and legs on you. XD Simple design and kinda overused..but it still works to convey Robin’s charms. The body sculpt is lithe and sexy with those abs being really nice in my opinion. =3

Her new outfit is really sexy with that sarong skirt thing and her usual half buttoned top. XD Disappointingly enough though..the first impression I got wasn’t all that awesome. More on that as we go on…

The printing for her eyes and face sculpt is pretty spot on but what bugged me immensely was that my girl came with black spots on her face! Right outta the box! It’s something terrible and I’m gonna try erasing it but if it’s permanent..then dang! Those sunglasses are also looking rather shoddy and have some painting issues..

The flower pattern looks alright but I wonder if some panel lining on Bandai’s part would improve the look? Ah well I can do that by myself so not much of an issue. =3

Her blouse is really glossy and a picture of a rose is neatly printed over on her left side. Nothing much to comment except for how accurately Oda-sensei’s sense of womanly proprotions had been faithfully brought over. XD Those hair strands are also looking mighty chunky~

Hem of her dress has some white shading done and looks pretty good!

Her posterior looks even more alluring from this angle! XD

What’s interesting about this figure is that she radiates a different mood depending on the angle viewed! I really enjoy these kinda little things so I turned her about for different shots. =3


I got her for 2000Yen off Mandarake and that is the maximum I would pay for this Figuart Zero. It comes with no additional accessories (just a base), rather average paintjob and a vanilla stance. Despite Robin being my favourite character, I can’t really help but feel that this Figuart could be so much better than what it is now. Negatives aside, it’s really affordable and the body sculpt is a clear winner so if you gotta be economical in both finances and space..this is the way to go!

I wonder if Noah drops and crushes us all, would the sea turn red with our blood?


7 thoughts on “Review: Figuarts Zero Nico Robin

    • Eh what do you mean? Most Figuart Zeroes are regular releases with some other exclusives thrown in for good measure by Bandai. =3

      But yeah that assessment of them is pretty spot-on..if you’re looking for good quality..Them Figuarts ain’t all that great. =(

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