Outdoor Photography: Akibarangers in Marina Bay Sands (The Shoppes)

I bought the Akibarangers out for a photoshoot together with my great buddy John Inu and we originally wanted to snap some shots of the Art-Science museum..but the heavens had a better idea and decided to pour. So we packed our stuff up and went into Marina Bay Sands for some indoor shots! The lighting was kinda bad due to the dark clouds but as things went on, it got pretty fun. =3




Yumeria (Akiba Yellow) starts having some strange ideas about Den-O and Nobuo-san. (Den-O belongs to John Inu, I just borrowed it for awhile =3)

Yumeria starts entering her Yaoi fantasy world…

“I can feel the love in between the 2 of them…my nose is gonna start bleeding” – Yumeria


“KYAAAAA, they are gonna kiss!!”

*THWACK* Come on now wake up Yumeria! We need to strike our Henshin Poses! – Mitsuki

“”Awww…just when it was getting to the good part…” – Yumeria

“Alright now guys, all ready now…AKIBAAAAA~” – Nobuou

“RANGERSSS! – *cues explosions, colored smoke*

But since this is Akibarangers, the explosions and smoke effects are cancelled due to budget constraints. Ah well..

“AKIBARANGER! AKIBARANGER! AHHHHHKKKIIIBAAAA! Damn where are the explosions?’ – Nobuo

“How long do I have to stand like this ossan” – Mitsuki

“Nothing is coming out at all…boo boo!’ – Yumeria


“Ah fine, let’s just cut straight to our final attack! Moe Magnum” – Nobuo


A rather over-exposed shot of John Inu’s figuarts… XD

It was a pretty short photo-shoot, say around 2 hours or so? Due to the weather and certain time constraints, that was all we could do. Still it was fun bringing the Akibarangers out for some poses and completing a Sentai team (official or not) always feels so good. =3

Oh yeah, I changed the layout of the blog slightly so gimme some comments about it please? Like whether you prefer the old one and stuff like that. Thanks for reading as always guys! =3


6 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Akibarangers in Marina Bay Sands (The Shoppes)

  1. Nice shot, but the over exposed shots are not always bad, unless it gets blinding o.o

    and btw my blog is His Personal Joy, not his personal only XD

  2. Ah the Akibarangers, never did get past the first episode of the show, may be some day I will go back to it.

    Exilehero also got the complete set, should get him to do something with his.


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