Review: Nendoroid Sakura Miku


It’s been SO long since I updated…well since all my pre-orders weren’t here..I got kinda lazy and just sat on my ass day in day out. Well no more! With the advent of April my pre-orders all cascaded on me like a Tsunami and to kick off Spring (In Japan at least), we have our lovely Sakura Miku!


Well this is normally where I have the box picture but you can see Sakura Miku broke free and is cheerfully munching on her onigiri..ah well

_1310786 _1310789

First off, she is uber PINK! I’m a fan of pink Nendoroids so it doesn’t really bother me but hey if you hate pink..stay away~

_1310791 _1310793

Every part of her has sakura petals all over and it’s so pretty!


There’s a gradient across her entire head culminating in a translucent end. And of course there gotta be petals there as well!


Her usual headphones are covered with *petals* too and even though it’s still Miku, it’s a DIFFERENT Miku!


Her sleeves and boots have some metallic pink going on and it’s real funky. GSC really saw fit to just drown this Miku in differing shades of pink..Spring is obviously here.


Time to bring both my Snow and Sakura Miku out for a photoshoot~


Even though Sakura Miku is new..I think the sculpt is pretty much similar to the original Miku Nendo. The pigtails and fringe especially feels identical..well no biggie there and with the colour differences it’s almost new!


Sakura Miku comes bundled with a tremendous amount of stuff and it’s pretty cool. An entire head with cherry hair clips are provided and that’s real funky..does cherries equate to spring?


You have this Sakura plate thing which Miku can stand in..not such a big fan and it totally reminds me of the lotus Buddha/ Bodhisattvas sit in. Which is kinda weird for a Nendo to do..


You also get the munching face and cushions to re-create Puti-devil’s artwork! I love this face and if you put in Miku’s leek it will feel so appropriate~ The cushions can be stacked or removed according to your preference but what’s amazing is that Miku can balance on it without a stand! Still use a stand for the long don’t want her tumbling down now.. Another cool thing is that her feet can bend at a 90 degrees sitting down angle without swapping any parts so yeah, super-movable legs!


I know it isn’t obvious but I switched out her sakura headphones for the regular Miku ones. Anyhoo this expression is pretty killer as well and doesn’t this just tear at your heartstrings?


Don’t go…stay with me ok..~


I wanna apologise for the little amount of pictures but I was in a rush and didn’t have the time to strike that many poses. Therefore the amount of pictures doesn’t justify just how playable this Nendoroid is. Other than the alternate hairclips and headphones, the expressions are so varied and cute and coupled with the extra stuff, you can really do alot with this girl. She might not be a regular release but for folks who ordered her off GSC online store that time, Miku’s pretty affordable in a group order and is well worth that hassle. I love the paintjob done over here and even though it uses original Miku’s sculpt, there is enough difference and personality to give this a fresh feeling. It’s not a must-have unless you really love chibi Mikus but if you can track this down for a good price…why not? Now if GSC were to release yearly Sakura Mikus..that would piss me off =/


There are no sakuras in Miku gotta pose with a temple~


20 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Sakura Miku

  1. As always I enjoy your review and you made me regret it more that I didn’t get her. I’m not a fan of pink nendoroid but she is adorable.. soooo adorable…. and I’m dying here T___T

  2. Pretty neat! While regular ol’ Miku tends to bore me, since I seen so much of her, I tend to like things like this Sakura Miku that add a little bit of a different flair to her. I think her Sakura flowers and the cherries are nice, I wonder how a scaled version of this Miku would look.

    • Oh NOO..I know how badly tempted I would be by the scaled version..not to mention the price tag GSC will slap on that =3

      And I don’t know how..I got sucked into the seasonal Nendo Mikus craze..which is kinda sucky on the wallet..very pretty though =3

  3. Whoa, everything’s are so pinky2… Wait you said you’re pinky lovers, now I understand why you like pinky eyes on Ichigo. As for the comparison, I feel like Sakura Miku’s face is a little bit smaller compare to her original counterpart.. But, maybe it’s just me.

    • Yeah it isn’t as chubby I suppose. Should switch their faceplates around to test it out. And pink eyes Ichigo is coming out soon..I decided to skip the pre-order for that and wait for it’s release…too many Ichigos..

  4. Ahhhh! I really really really want her! She’s so cute!!! You’re so super lucky! I love her..
    My local anime store has her in stock, but my poor wallet it empty… I just bought a bunch of nendos and now I have no money… ;A; The world is too cruel.

    • Hahah well here’s a lesson then, you will never have enough money for those sweet little Nendos..whenever you’re broke, something cuter
      always pops out somewhere else =3

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  6. ummm….sorry for commenting on an old post but….how do you swap the headphones for the other head? My nendoroid has holes for the headphones,which i think is not supposed to be there…I think I bought a bootleg…

    • remove the flower petals for the normal headphones right? If I remember correctly you get a different head with the cherries which is supposed to be for the headphones. Just try messing around with it and see if it fits?


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