Outdoor Photography: Milky Holmes 参上!

Since it was National Day (The Birthday of Singapore) on the 9th of August and it was a public holiday, I decided to finally bring the Milky Holmes girls out for a shoot! Since the Nendo cat disrupted my shoot before, I decided to go to a non-animal existent place and so together with me buddies, headed over to the Esplanade!

This are just gonna be photos..so just scroll down and enjoy! (hopefully)

The strange building behind is Marina Bay Sands =3

The Ferris Wheel thingy is the Singapore Flyer! (Why do they call it the Flyer when it doesn’t fly?)

We also had the surprise appearance of Stronger!

Then we moved over to the Singapore Art Museum area. =3


Singapore Art Museum at the back.

Poor Tiger?

Well that was the end of the shoot..it took me almost the whole day..from like 9am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon. The sun was gloriously hot the whole day and ended up being sunburnt in the end..still worth it though..finally managed to get some decent shots of the Milky Holmes girls which made me really really happy! Alright stay tuned for more stuff eh! XD


11 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Milky Holmes 参上!

  1. Nice Shots, Akashingou-san! @_@ you sure know where to do your outdoor photo shoots! 😀 You really made a great job, the Milky Holmes Girls sure look as if they’re alive! (not to forget, KR stronger too!) xD Aww, poor Akashingou-san, getting sunburnt and all, just to bring us this great post! xD Anyways, Happy (belated)Independence day, mate! 😀

    • I thank you on behalf of my country XD
      Ahh it was all worth it in the end, wanted to snap the Milky Holmes girls for the longest time..finally got some decent shots. =3

  2. Haha… yes take bodyguards to protect against unwanted intrusions, animal or otherwise. I think outdoor pictures are fitting for the Milky Holmes girls since they sure run around all over the place in the show.

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